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Stuffers Supply Company

Stuffers Supply Company moved into this new 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse with offices in August 2012. Stuffers opened its doors in 1995 at the same location in a much older and smaller building shared with Oversea Casing Co. Ltd. Up until then we processed and sold only natural sheep, hog and beef casings for Oversea Casing Co. Ltd. Almost every day we were asked where other supplies for making sausage could be purchased and we were not able to help. We realized that unless there was a place to buy all the supplies for sausage making – people would soon get discouraged and stop making sausage.

Sausage making can be a rewarding experience if you can only find the little techniques that enable you to make your own high caliber products. Stuffers is proud to be able to provide classes for those sausage artists that want to hone their processing skills. The informative session is taught by an engaging local Master Chef and Butcher. The Sausage making instructor brings experience and knowledge from traditional "Old World" methods of Italy to our young region. We'll try, with his guidance and the students' participation, to capture all aspects of sausage making. The new sausage makers learn to choose the best cuts of meat, to grind, mix and stuff and all the secrets of the pros. Many topics will be covered, including the use of appropriate techniques, combining the perfect ingredients, and the importance of maintaining a high level of cleanliness. It is a great way to exchange experiences with fellow sausage enthusiasts. And of course, the "best part" is enjoying the creations you have whole-heartily made!

We also wanted to preserve many old traditional sausage recipes and began to collect from everywhere and everyone we could. That recipe book can now be found on our website.

With the help of Oversea Casing Company, Reno De Gianni and Bill Leathem set up shop and now offered a whole range of Butcher Supplies, Equipment, Spices, Seasonings and natural and synthetic casings.

The original store was built as a Butcher Shop in 1958 called Borsato Meats and if you were around then you may have seen Reno’s father, Georgio De Gianni making sausage in the kitchen in sausage casings that Bill’s father-in-law had sold to him the day before. Both were involved in this industry and Reno and Bill are carrying on the tradition!

Please accept our invitation to come in, visit and see our new retail store and all the items on display.

Reno De Gianni
Bill Leathem

We are located at:
22958 Fraser Highway,
Langley, BC
V2Z 2T9

To Help you with our location which is tricky to find... We are the blue arrow. This is a old pic from Google Maps Street View, so Manulife Financial is the building at the front now, and Stuffers is located in a building in behind.

Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time Monday to Friday.

If you prefer you can also call us at 1-800-615-4474.
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