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60MM X 14" Tied Middles Beef Caps 4"/4.5" Sheep Casing Single Strands 22/24 Tubed For Pork Sausage
60MM X 14" Tied Middles
Our cost:: $2.26
Beef Caps 4"/4.5"
Our cost:: $5.08
Beef Caps 5"+ Pasted Sheets - Dried Hog Casing 50 X 50 Cm (VAIL) 5 Pack 35- Salted Hog Casings Shorts For 25LBS Of Meat
Beef Caps 5"+
Our cost:: $5.94
35+ Salted Hog Casing Shorts Retail Bag For 25 Lbs Meat 35- Salted Hog Casing Shorts For 100 Lbs Of Meat Beef Rounds 40mm/43mm
Beef Rounds 40mm/43mm
Our cost:: $28.57
35/38 mm Salted Hog Casing Red Ring 45 MM+ Salted Hog Casing Pink And Yellow 45 MM+ Salted Hog Casing Pink And Yellow
32/35 Mm Salted Hog Casing Green Ring 38/40 Mm Salted Hog Casing White Ring 40/42 Mm Salted Hog Casing Blue Ring
22/24 Salted Sheep Casing for Pork Sausage Beef Rounds 43mm/46mm 29/32 Mm Salted Hog Casing Yellow Ring
Beef Rounds 43mm/46mm
Our cost:: $46.69