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60mm X 30cm COLLAGEN MIDDLES 5/PKG 19mm X 60ft Coria 2 PACK/RETAIL 30mm X 50ft Coria 2 Strands
26mm X 55ft Coria 2 Pack 22mm X 80ft CORIA 2 STRAND NITTA 47mm X 20m  Smoketone Rounds
26mm X 55ft Coria 2 Pack
Our cost:: $15.01
43mm X 20m Rounds Smoketone 29mm X 50ft CORIA 1250 FEET 25 STRANDS PER CADDY/CADDY 6 CASE 26mm X 70ft Coria 32 Strands Per Caddy
22mm X 70ft Coria 49 Strands Per Caddie