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Use boneless and skinless breasts strips for this project.

Soak the breasts for 40 hours (at 36º) in a brine made with:

1 quart cold water
46 grams salt
35 grams powdered dextrose (if using sucrose, use 1/3 less)
2 grams sodium nitrite (or 1.25 oz. Prague powder #1)


Put the goose breasts in pairs in ham stockinnettes and air dry them for 40 hours until they formed a nice pellicle. Hang the goose breasts in the smoker and smoked them at around 90º for 36 hours using 3 pans of apple chips. (Half of the last can be juniper for a delightful flavor) After the smoking, heat the smoker up to 150º and warm the meat until the internal temp is 145º.Then take out the goose and cool it quickly and refrigerate.The result is goose breast which you can slice very thinly with a razor sharp knife (or slicing machine) which is delightful served with thin slices of rye bread and sliced shallots. It has a somewhat “raw” texture to it which gives it real bite appeal.