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25 lbs brisket or plate, good grade
5 quarts ice cold water 38-40ºF
5 ozs. Prague Powder No. 1
1 tbsp. garlic juice
8 ozs. salt
5 ozs. powdered dextrose


Pump the plates or briskets to 15% of their weight. Meat should be placed into curing box or vat and kept submerged while curing in cooler for 3-5 days at 40ºF. Remove the cured pastrami pieces from the box or vat and rub all sides with a combination of coarse black pepper and coriander; or you may use coarsely chopped pickling spices.You also may sprinkle the meat with paprika to give it an attractive appearance. Place in smokehouse preheated at 130ºF. with dampers wide open. Hold at this temperature for about 1 hour or until the surface of the meat is dry. Close dampers to 1/4 open and apply a light smoke for about 2 hours. Gradually increase the smokehouse temperature to 200-220ºF. and hold until an internal temperature of 175-180ºF. is obtained internally.Meat then is removed from the smokehouse and allowed to cool at room temperature for 1-2 hours before removing to cooler overnight.