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6 country-style spareribs
2 qts water
2 t. salt
16 peppercorns
2 or 3 bay leaves
1/2 t. sage
1/4 t. marjoram
1/8 t. mace
1 1/2 c. cornmeal braunsweiger (couple of slices, finely chopped)
1/4 c. buckwheat flour


Simmer ribs with next 4 ingredients over med. heat for 2 hours until tender. Remove meat. Let cool and remove meat from bones. Chop meat. Chill meat and broth overnight. Next day degrease broth.Take 1 qt. broth, add meat (pork and braunsweiger), and bring to boil.Add next 4 ingredients. Gradually add cornmeal/buckwheat mixture to boiling broth, whisking constantly. Cover and cook 30 min. Pour into a greased loaf pan. Chill overnight.To serve, unmold loaf, slice about 1/3” thick and fry over med. high heat until well-browned and crisp on both sides. Serve with maple syrup or tomato gravy (recipe follows).