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Spicy Sausage Links


15.00 mL salt
10.00 mL paprika
2.00 mL pepper
2.00 mL ground allspice
2.00 mL ground cloves
2.00 mL cayenne pepper
2.00 mL dried thyme
2.00 mL garlic powder
25.00 mL water
25.00 mL vinegar
1.00 kg ground pork
250.00 g finely chopped bacon
125.00 mL dry bread crumbs


Combine spices and bread crumbs. Blend in spice mixture, water and vinegar with pork and bacon. To shape, squeeze through 2 cm hole in pastry bag making links 8 cm long.To panfry, cook 7 min, turning frequently.To broil, cook fresh or frozen links about 5 min each side. For fresh links, refrigerate at least 24 hours to allow flavors to blend. Keeps up to 3 days. May be stored in freezer at -18 C up to 8 weeks. Makes about 14 links.