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Venison Old Time Sausage


8 lbs. venison with some fat pork 3 Tbsp. sea salt (see note)
2 Tbsp. black pepper 2 Tbsp. sage


Measure and mix seasonings. Sprinkle over ground venison and fat pork, mix thoroughly with hands. Can be ground the second time for a finer grade of sausage. Stuff in casings with sausage grinder stuffer.When they are stuffed, hang over about 3-inch hickory poles and put a smoke from green hickory chips under sausage to smoke two or three days. Poles should be at least 5 feet above the smoker. NOTE: Remember that some old recipes such as the one above use salt that would, at the time, be likely to contain some salt-peter and other presevatives.These days, most of these minerals are removed from table salt before it is packaged for sale in the supermarket.