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5 lbs. veal
1 oz. ground mustard seed
5 lbs. lean pork butts
1 tbsp. ground white pepper
3 1/2 ozs. non-fat dry milk
1 tsp. ground celery seeds
3 1/2 ozs. salt
1 tsp. mace
3 1/2 oz. soy protein concentrate
1 oz. powdered dextrose
1 tsp. onion powder
1 qt. ice water
1 tsp. dry parsley


Grind meat through a 1/4” or 3/8” grinder plate.Add all the ingredients except the water and mix thoroughly until evenly distributed. Then place the meat in the food processor, adding the water as you go along. This will help emulsify the meat. Stuff into a 32-35mm hog casing and make into 5” to 6” links. Place into 160ºF. water and cook until an internal temperature of 150ºF. is attained.Then shower the sausage with cool water until the internal temperature falls to 75ºF. Place in cooler overnight before using.