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liquid smoke 125ml
Liquid Smoke Charsol Supreme 125ml
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An aqueous, water-soluble smoke flavor with a rich smoke taste and medium browning ability
USE: To impart a smoke flavor in meat and poultry products, sauces, cheese, seafood, snacks and pet foods. Methods of application include direct addition and surface application such as drenching.
Recommended usage levels are 2-6 oz For 100lbs of product
Stuffers Dextrose 454g
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A corn sweetener that is commercially made from starch by the action of heat acids or enzymes resulting in the complete hydrolysis of the cornstarch. The addition of dextrose is primarily for flavour and also counteracts the harsh hardening effects of salt by preventing some of the moisture loss. Dextrose also interacts with the meat proteins when cooked to create a browning reaction. Dextrose is one half as sweet as sucrose, so more can be added without affecting the flavour and it also increases the water holding capacity of the products.
Mondostart 2M Starter Culture 25g (PLEASE CALL 1-800-615-4474 TO ORDER)
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Please call for shipping information 1-800-615-4474
Mix this product with your seasoning and add the mix right at the beginning. Continue production as usual. Add salt and cure as required. 25 g. for 30-50 kg. salami. Store at -18 degrees C Starts fermenting at 72 degrees Ingredients: Lactobacillus sakei, Staphylococcus carnosus, Staphylococcus xylosus, Dextrose

Stuffers Fermento Salami Conditioner
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Fermento is our name for GDL (Glucono Delta Lactone)
An acidulant, abbreviated GDL, is a cure accelerator and speeds up
development of cured meat colour. It hydrolyzes to form gluconic acid in
water solution and thereby creates the desired pH. The rate of acid
formation is affected by temperature, concentration and the pH of the

GDL is also permitted in semi-dry and dry sausages based on Good
Manufacturing Practices, where it reduces the pH. This rapid drop in pH
helps to control the growth of meat spoilage organisms until fermentation
occurs and takes over this function. The addition of GDL can produce a
biting acid taste if not carefully added. Use as directed.
Mondostart Surface Starter Culture Promotes White Mold Development On Dry Cured Products (PLEASE CALL 1-800-615-4474 TO ORDER IF OUT OF BC)
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Makes 5 L of dip - enough for up to 250 kg. of sausage.

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