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Canadian Bacon

You should have a spray (meat) pump.


5 quarts water
2 ounces Prague Powder #1
6 ounces powdered dextrose (or sweetening of your choice)
8 ounces kosher salt


Mix and chill to below 40ºF.Whole boneless pork loin, 5 pounds or more.You will have two halves held together by a flap. Cut across that and trim all excess fat. Spray pump with brine to 10% of weight (or one cup for every 5 pounds) and let it cure at least 4 days in the fridge.Take it out,wash it off, let it drain.Work a 3 1/2 inch salami casings over the small end of each loin, then then slide it up over the rest of the loin. This will take some work, but the casing is tough and resistant to tearing.Tie off each end of the casing. Cook the two loin halves for 4 hours in a smokeless 130 degree F smokehouse, well-vented.Then, gradually increase temperature to 150ºF, with smoke, for 3 hours more, vent 1/4 open.Then finish off at 160ºF until it’s 142ºF inside.

Rinse the bacon and let bloom overnight, then chill overnight.