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Dried Beef


1/2 cup salt
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon saltpeter
1 single eye of round; 4 or 5 lbs


Mix together the salt, sugar, and saltpeter. Divide the mixture in half. Rub half of the mixture well into the eye of round. Put the meat into a glass dish or plastic bag and refrigerate for two days. Remove the meat and rub in the rest of the cure mixture. Refrigerate for another two days.The meat should cure for about one day per pound of meat in all. Remove the meat from the cure, wash it and pat it dry with paper towels.You are now ready to dry it.You can add a bit of smoked flavor by brushing it with a little liquid smoke. Hang the meat in a cool,well-ventilated spot and leave it alone.Don’t handle it while it’s drying because handling can cause surface mold.You can use the meat any time after the surface is dry. Give it at least one week, but it will keep for months hanging in a cool dry spot (40 to 45 degrees F). If mold does develop, wipe the meat off with a clean towel dipped in a vinegar/water solution.