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Brine Cured Ham
Dry-cure Method with Artery Pumping for 25 lbs


5 quarts ice water (38 - 40ºF)
1 lb. salt
5 ozs. powdered dextrose
5 ozs. Prague Powder No. 1


All ingredients are thoroughly dissolved in cold water (40ºF.). Hams must have an internal temperature of 38-40ºF. before pumping.Weigh the amount of pickle that you will be using to artery pump the ham at 10% of the weight of the ham.After the ham is pumped, rub in 2-3 lbs. of the above dry mixture for each 50 lbs. of ham. Be sure that you have mixed and distributed the salt, sugar and cure.The cure can cause burn spots on the meat if not evenly distributed.Avoid stacking the hams over 4 high, as this will cause excessive weight on the bottom hams,which in turn will squeeze out the natural juices and the pickle.Hams should be cured at 38-40ºF. for 5-7 days. Remove from the cooler and wash the surface salt of the hams with a stiff brush. DO NOT SOAK. Place in stockinettes and remove to smokehouse. Stitch-Pumping Method: Ham is pumped 10% by weight as above in dry-cure method. Ham should be pumped in the shank and around all the bones in the ham, using the same ingredients as above. Hams then are placed in a container and the cover pickle added.This pickle is the same as was used to pump the ham. Be sure the hams are submerged beneath the pickle. Remove and place in cooler at 38-40ºF. for 5-7 days. Place in stockinettes and put in smokehouse. Picnics & Shoulders Pork butts and pork shoulders are, for the most part, cured exactly as a ham.However, there is on important variation.The picnics and shoulders should be pumped to 15% of their green weight, rather than the 10% for a ham.The reason for this is that during the cure period these two cuts of meat lose from 3-4% more pickle than does the ham.The same formula as processing ham applies to these 2 cuts of meat.The hams are removed to a smokehouse preheated to 120ºF.With drafts wide open, hold for 12 hours. Increase the temperature to 140ºF., introducing the smoke, and hold for 8 hours with draft 1/2 open. Close the drafts, increase the temperature to 165ºF. and hold until the internal temperature of the ham is 142ºF. For a fully cooked ham, hold until the internal temperature reaches 152-155ºF.