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1 lb lean beef
1 1/2 lb lean pork
1/2 lb pork fat
2 1/2 tb salt
1 ts potassium nitrate
2 lg cloves garlic, crushed
1 tb cumin seeds, crushed
2 ts dried crushed red pepper
1 ts black pepper
1 cup water
sheep casings


Work the beef through the fine blade of the grinder, spread it on a plate and sprinkle the salt and saltpeter over it.Work the pork and pork fat through the coarse blade of the grinder and combine with the beef. Place in large bowl and sprinkle over the garlic, cumin seeds and red and black pepper. Beat well for 5 minutes until the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl. Beat in the 1 cup of water. Fill the casings and twist or tie in 4-5 inch lengths. Hand them in an airy room (about 60ºF) and dry them for 2-5 days depending on the humidity.Then smoke them for 2-5 hours until brown or dark mahogany. Do not let the temperature rise above 100ºF. Store for up to a month in the refrigerator. Simmer in boiling water to cover for 12-15 minutes and drain; or split lengthwise, brush with butter and broil or saute in butter.