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Dry-Cured Pepperoni - Italian Style


1 lb. regular pork
4 lbs. boneless beef
5 lbs. lean pork butts
9 tbsp. salt
1 oz. powdered dextrose
2 level tsp. Prague Powder No. 2
1 tbsp. ground hot red pepper
1 tsp. allspice
2 ozs. corn syrup solids
5 tsp. ground anise seed


Grind all the meat through a 3/16 grinder plate. Use mixer and add all the ingredients mixing evenly; regrind through 1/8 plate.The meat now is ready for stuffing. Stuffing: It is essential that the meat be well-chilled to avoid smearing.The meat should be stuffed into 24-26mm lamb casings. Drying: Hold pepperoni at 70 degrees F. for about 2 days maintaining a relative humidity of about 75%.The product should be kept in a 38-40 degrees F. cooler for at least 20 days (or until desired dryness is reached), from the time the cure has been added to the pepperoni. Be sure that casings used are not more than 1 3/8” in diameter, as this formula applies only to casings below this range.