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Pickled Pig’s Feet


15 lbs. of pork hocks or pig’s feet
1 gallon water
12 ozs. salt
4 ozs. Prague Powder No. 1


Meat is placed into container with brine mixture; bring temperature up to 210ºF. Heat is shut off and meat allowed to stay in pickle all night.The next morning, bring temperature up to 180ºF. and cook until tender. Remove liquid from container and allow cold water to fill up container and overflow.Allow water to keep running into container to cool product down; this also helps to bring unwanted fat particles to the surface. Feet can be made boneless or semi-boneless, depending on the individual. Feet are soaked in white vinegar overnight. Remove from vinegar and rinse with cold water until all surface fat is removed. If not properly washed, the vinegar will become cloudy. Pig’s feet may be packed in jars filled to capacity with white vinegar. You may decorate with whole bay leaves or red peppers. Pig’s feet also are prepared by cooking in water until tender, or until meat is coming off the bones. Pickling spices are added while cooking. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the broth is poured off and then allowed to cool off.After cooking the broth is then tossed or scrambled and served in that manner, like jello.Another method is to cook until meat separates from bones, adding bay leaves rather than pickling spices.After completely cooked bones are removed, broth and meat are allowed to cool and set up like jello. It is served with a little splash of white vinegar.This is a traditonal Polish dish.