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Dry-Cured Sopressata

Sopressata can be made of either fresh hams or pork butts. It sometimes is made using beef, but pork
is the traditonal meat used. In either case, the fat and sinews should be removed before starting.


10 lbs. lean pork
9 tbsp. salt
1 oz. powdered dextrose
2 tbsp. whole black pepper
2 tbsp. ground black pepper
3 ozs. corn syrup solids
2 level tsp. Prague powder No. 2
1 tbsp. hot cayenne pepper (optional)


Grind all meat through 1/2” or 3/4” grinder plate.Add all ingredients and mix well. Remove meat to tub container, packing meat tightly (not over 6-7” high) and refrigerate for 48 hours. Remove from cooler, grind meat through 1/4” plate and stuff into hog middle 8-10” long. Sausage then is held for 48 hours at about 55ºF. and then is placed into smokehouse. Sausage is smoked for 48 hours with cold smoke until color is obtained. Remove from smokehouse and keep at 50-60ºF. with humidity around 70-80%. Hold about 8-10 weeks. Product will be ready when it loses about 30% of its green weight. This recipe is for 10 lbs. of meat and calls for 2 level tsp. of nitrate. Adjust accordingly.