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Westfalia Ham - Dry Cured


2 1/2 lbs. lean beef
5 1/2 ozs. salt
5 lbs. lean pork
2 level tsp. prague powder #2
2 1/2 lbs. frozen fresh bacon
2 ozs. corn syrup solids
1/4 oz. ground black pepper
1/2 oz. good rum
2 ozs. powdered dextrose


Remove bacon rind and then freeze the bacon at about 26-28 degrees F. Then remove the bacon from the freezer and cube it into 1” squares. Grind the lean pork and beef through a 3/8” grinder plate.Thoroughly mix the frozen bacon and meat with the remaining ingredients.Then stuff into protein-lined fibrous casing (3 1/2” x 24”) or a hog bung. Let the ham sausage cure at 65-70 degrees F. for about 48 hours with a relative humidity of 70-80%. Put sausage in a cooler at 45-50 degrees F. with a relative humidity of 70-75%. Store sausage for 70-80 days before using.