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Maximum allowable usage: .05% of green weight of meatSPECIALLY INSTANIZED BLEND OF: SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE CAS REG. Nr. 7758-29-4 SODIUM POLYPHOSPHATE, GLASSY CAS Nr. 68915-31-1 SODIUM CONTENT APPROX. 30.8% PHOSPHORUS CONTENT APPROX. 24.8 disolves in the water, is used for making a brine ( 414 mix straight into the meat)414 contains Pyrophosphate which needs mechanical action to dissolve in a meat system----If the customer sprinkles it in and blends it by hand, this should work. Do not put it in water as it will “ball” and they will turn hard as stone.---- 512 contains long chain polyphosphates, which will dissolve very well in a meat system. The 512 will work for burgers and for emulsified sausage, but the customer may see a bit of a difference as these two phosphates behave differently.