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Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce


Apple Butter started at home with 40 pounds of apples being peeled, cored then simmered with molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon and rum as some of the ingredients. It was pressure canned like mom taught us to do and then used at bbq competitions. It must have been good since we got awards whenever we used it.


Apple Butter BBQ Sauce is a sweet, thick, smoky bbq sauce that has an aroma of apples, cinnamon and molasses. Its flavour is balanced between tangy bite and spice with a smooth apple sauce-like texture.

Common Applications

Glazing grilled chicken pieces, pork ribs, chops or tenderloin. Awesome condiment on anything grilled or wanting a rich bbq sauce flavour.

Other Uses

Simmered in sautéed onions or used in hand-made burgers or meatloaf.


First Place Best BBQ Sauce - BBQ on the Bow - Calgary, Alberta - 2007 and 2010
Third Place - National BBQ Festival Best of the Best - Douglas, Georgia, USA - 2008