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Hi Mountain Mandarin Teriyaki Blend Jerky

Hi Mountain Mandarin Teriyaki Blend Jerky

Mix cure and seasoning according to mixing chart enclosed. Contents will season up to 15 lbs. of meat, 1 lb. at a time if you choose. Simply sprinkle on meat, refrigerate 24 hrs. Now make the most delicious jerky ever in your own smoker, over or dehydrator.
Ingredients: Each box contains a 4.2 oz. packet of Hi Mountain Cure containing the following ingredients: salt, sugar, sodium nitrite (.85%), caramel color; and a 3 oz. Mandarin Teriyaki Blend seasoning packet containing the following ingredients: sugar, soy sauce powder (soy sauce, water, wheat, soybean, matlodextrin) modified food starch, salt hydrolyzed soy protein, caramel color, dehydrated onion and garlic, spice extractives with no more than 2% tri-calcium phosphate added to prevent caking.