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Stuffers Complete Surecure 5kg

Stuffers Complete Surecure 5kg

Pumping Side Bacon 10 %: Use 155 g Complete SureCure / Liter water.

Pumping Whole Muscle 15 %: Use 266 g of Complete SureCure / Liter water.

Cover Pickle for soaking: 30g of Stuffers Complete SureCure + 70g of salt / Liter of water.

Sausage and Dry Rub Curing : Use 22 to maximal 30 g of SureCure per kilo of meat

Use MondoStart starter cultures for all dry cured products.

Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (.85%), Sodium Bicarbonate(mfg. Aid), Propylene Glycol(mfg Aid)