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Stuffers Curing Salt 5kg

Stuffers Curing Salt 5kg

Note: this is also available as STUFFERS PRAGUE POWDER NO.1 454g


For boneless hams.
Pumping Side Bacon 10%: Use 20g of Stuffers Curing Salt + 130 g of Salt for 1 liter of water.

Pumping Whole Muscle 15%: Use 35 g of Stuffers Curing Salt + 170 g of Salt for 1 liter of water.

Cover Pickle: Use 9 g of Curing Salt + 90 g of Salt per liter of water.

All types of cured sausages and meats except bacon: Use 3 grams of Curing Salt + the desired amount of salt. Ingredients: salt, sodium nitrite (6.4%), sodium bicarbonate (mfg. aid), glycerine (mfg. aid)