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Stuffers Smokie Binder Unit 1.77kg
Stuffers Smokie Binder Unit 1.77kg

Stuffers Smokie Binder Unit 1.77kg

If you are using less meat than the package calls for mix the ingredients well and weigh out an amount proportionate to the amount of meat you will be using. If mixing by hand 2 to 3 kgs. fits in most large bowls and is easy to work with. The cure is always packaged separately. Weigh it out accordingly.

Use pork cuts to obtain a 70% lean to 30% fat (70/30) ratio. Pork butt or shoulder works well. Grind all of the pork trim through a 6mm plate then a 3 mm plate.

Put the ground meat into a mixer, add all of the spices and ingredients and mix dry for a few revolutions before adding approx. 50 % of the total amount of water. If doing by hand, mix for one minute in in a large bowl or meat tub.

Continue mixing while adding the rest of the water in steps.

Mix until a good bind has developed. This can take 3 - 5 minutes if doing by hand.

Stuff the emulsion into hog casings. A casing in the range of 32 -35 mm diameter works well. Link to approximately 100 -120 grams each or 5 to 6 inches in length.

Process the sausages as close to the following program as possible. This will depend on the type of smokehouse you are using. The most important part is that the internal temperature reaches 69°C.

Drying at 55°C for 15 min. this allows the sausage to absorb the smoke

Hot smoke at 55°C for 1 hour or until the desired colour is reached.

Steam cook or place in hot water at 75°C to an internal temp. of 69°C

Product to be cooled down with shower or a cold water bath after reaching temperature.

Use one unit of 1.77 kg. to 22.68 kg. of meat and 4.08 kg. of cold water. Cure packed separate within this unit. Ingredients: Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Modified Milk Ingredients, Dextrose, Corn Starch, Sodium Erythorbate, Spices, Smoke Flavour, Sodium Nitrite, Sunflower Lecithin, Glycerine (humectant), Sodium Bicarbonate (buffering). Product of Canada